Information regarding the arena meet

Information accompanying the heat sheet!

Arriving by car:

There is only a limited number of parking spots surrounding the pool. The operators of „WasserWeltenBochum“ requested us to inform you about the following regulations:

  • Fire Department access roads and other keep out areas have to be kept clear.
  • There is a sufficient number of parking spots in the Uni-Center’s parking garage nearby.
  1. Height restriction: 2,00m
  2. Number of parking spots: 495
  3. Monday-Sunday 24hours, Costs starting at 1€/hour, up to 3,5€ for the whole day
  • The parking spots belonging to the athletics field across the street from the swimming pool are not permitted to be used. They are reserved for users of the athletics field.

Pool Area / Changing Areas:

Camping chairs are not permitted in the pool area. Only slippers or indoor trainers are permitted. Participants have to keep the air vents clear of all objects (towels, suits, bags…)

Lockers can be locked with 1€ coins.

All emergency routes and exits have to be kept clear (width at least 1,2m). It is not permitted to use camping chairs in the changing rooms.


Catering of food and drinks will take place in the sauna area and outside the building.

Please help us prepare enough pasta meals for you athletes during lunch, by ordering via email:!